Energy savings for small and medium business through renewables.

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Tailored Recomendations

Sustaine brings low-cost energy, renewables and energy efficiency to businesses and institutions. Through proprietary software, Sustaine recommends best-fit options for each client, then matches the preferred option with best-in-class solution providers for fulfillment.

Savings Opportunities

Sustaine's powerful software reveals each customer's projected savings across all their energy options including onsite solar, offsite solar, battery storage, cogeneration, demand management, LED lighting, heating and cooling controls, simple grid-based power and more. Customers can then make their best energy decision--and realize it via competing bids from qualified providers. Sustaine's experts help with every step.

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How it Works

Sustaine makes energy easy in 4 simple steps.


It Starts With a Bill

You send us a copy of a recent energy bill. Scan it or snap a picture, all pages, and email to

Next, Analysis

It's Analyzed & Optimized

Our software analyzes your bill, simulates all your energy options and isolates the best one.

Third, Solutions

Solutions Presented

We show you the best option in clear and simple terms, including how much you can save.

End, Implementation

We Deliver

We gather competing bids from qualified providers, help you pick the winner, and deliver your solution. You save! It's that easy.


Plan. Act. Report. (Rinse & Repeat!)


Renewable energy is commonly the least expensive source of energy - lower cost even than buying from the utility. Renewables are also more sustainable and have greater resiliency against outages. Yet decision-makers at businesses and institutions often struggle with renewables, because options are myriad and confusing, and resources are limited.

Sustaine simulates, based on real data, the effect on the utility bill of each energy option – a solar array, battery storage, a lighting retrofit, etc. These simulations enable decision-makers to prioritize and plan effectively, identifying their best option at each step.


With Sustaine, implementing the best energy option is easy. Our network of qualified providers submit competitive bids. Sustaine helps you choose the best bid and execute a favorable contract. We stand beside you through implementation, too, so that savings are turnkeyed and delivered to you.


The optional Sustaine Console provides a variety of reports on savings and sustainability, facilitating transparency for facility owners, operators and occupants.

Rinse & Repeat

Sustaine is with our customers for the long term. Because our software generates a menu of savings opportunities, customers realize savings one option after another.

This is especially true when the menu changes. As renewables prices continue to drop and incentives change, Sustaine's software continuously updates. As the best savings come to light, Sustaine's customers are the first to benefit - again and again.

Let's Save Energy Together

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Our Team

Sustaine was founded and continues to be led by a veteran team in the energy sector.

Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith

Co-Founder, CEO

Malcolm has been an I.T. leader in energy for over twenty-five years. His expertise includes software design, smart grid, automation and controls, demand response, and utility restructuring. Malcolm previously served as an executive at CPower, a demand response provider. Malcolm built Xtend Energy before its acquisition by CPower in 2008. Entrepreneur magazine has recognized Malcolm as a leader of the fastest growing small business in America. He was educated at Williams College, where he later served on the Board of Trustees.
Gary Fromer

Gary Fromer

Co-Founder, Chairman

Gary is an experienced leader in sustainability, energy software-as-a-service, solar and distributed energy projects, and enterprise business software and services. Gary recently served as SVP at Constellation responsible for on-site solar, cogeneration, battery storage and energy efficiency. He joined Constellation via its acquisition of CPower, a demand response provider that Gary led as CEO. Gary also served as SVP at SAP. He is on the board of directors of CPower. Gary was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University Law School.
Janette Kessler

Janette Kessler

Senior Director, Project Finance

Janette is a senior executive with extensive experience in project development and finance of energy projects, including renewables, transmission, and storage. Her professional background includes the start-up of several successful businesses, management consulting, regulatory affairs, project finance, and project development. Janette has held management positions at numerous energy companies including DCO Energy, CPower, and AES. Janette holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Davis and an MBA from the Wharton School.

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